Welcome to Chicago Events Group

At Chicago Events Group, we ensure that in-depth strategic planning seamlessly transforms into sharply focused campaign execution. We are an innovative promotional and consulting services group that specializes in experiential outreach initiatives, which are the natural results of comprehensive research, careful development, and flawless delivery. We take pride in our ability to cultivate lasting synergistic relationships between our clients and their consumers, which leads to measurable profitability – every time.

Our Mission and Core Values

The primary objective of our firm is to generate long-term growth on behalf of our clients, our marketing specialists, and our business through dynamic promotions for brands striving to break into new markets. We accomplish this by training and empowering talented and intelligent professionals who successfully engage consumers, subsequently positioning clients for swift market share expansion.

Our Investment in the Community

Embedded in Chicago, Illinois, Chicago Events Group is grateful to our local community for supporting our work and encouraging our success. A philanthropic outlook is a significant facet of our culture, and we are committed to repaying our community through both financial contributions and volunteer work.